NLP & Communication

Training in effective communication for greater impact at work and in your personal life.

Enhancing communication and making a difference

This workshop incorporates tools and ideas used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and includes a copy of Gillian Burn's book - The NLP Pocketbook. We consider effective ways of communicating messages to help make a difference. NLP involves the study of human excellence and demonstrates how to communicate with and influence others successfully.

It is ideal for anyone who needs to communicate more persuasively and effectively via the phone, email or face to face. This workshop provides practical strategies, which you can use both personally and professionally. It is particularly beneficial for members of a sales team, marketing department, customer services department and where teams of people work together on projects. It has been valued across all industries from industry, business, commerce, the services and the health care sector.

Course content

  • The key principles of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • Understanding the effect of your beliefs and past experiences
  • Building rapport - the facts about body language
  • Making use of all your senses
  • Demonstrating what happens in your brain to influence understanding
  • How the unconscious mind works
  • Understanding how you communicate through language patterns
  • Highlighting the use of different levels/styles used in communication
  • How to influence and persuade others positively

If you are interested in becoming an excellent communicator, this workshop is for you.

Gillian qualified as a Master Practitioner in NLP & Health with International Teaching Seminars (ITS) and PPD Learning Ltd. She is an expert in training employees to be more effective, and the author of the NLP Pocketbook. This has received warm praise from Robert Dilts who is an acknowledged leader in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

NLP Pocketbook

NLP will improve the way you interact and communicate with others; it will improve your self-esteem and raise your motivation. In fact, it will impact positively on all aspects of your business and private life.

" The NLP Pocketbook is a true gem of a text. It is beautiful in its simplicity and at the same time impressively comprehensive. Well organised and easy to read, the NLP Pocketbook takes the reader on a pragmatic and useful journey through the 'best of NLP'. It is a wonderful overview and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in NLP " Robert Dilts, NLP Author and Trainer

How people think and how they respond to challenges and to other people varies from one individual to another depending on their beliefs, values, memories and past experiences. Some people respond more effectively than others. Understanding how they do this - and how you can follow their example by changing your thinking and beliefs - lies at the heart of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

The NLP Pocketbook looks at the key principles of NLP and how it can make a difference to you. It describes how your beliefs and thoughts may limit you, and how you can change them for the better. There are sections on the brain, language and how to create your own personal resource bank.

" Gillian has produced a 'gem' of a book - ensuring that a subject which, on face value, appears horrendously complex becomes easily understood and one that the reader can't wait to put into practice. " Gail Scott, Senior Manager, HSBC

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